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Smart Lighting Control for Alexa


Connecting Alexa voice service to Lutron lighting controls allows you to manage your smart home with voice commands to change the lighting, control the blinds, adjust the temperature, DJ the music and even make calls. Your smart home is now voice activated, so just ask Alexa.

Beside table with pico remote

Smarter together

When you connect Alexa capabilities to Lutron lighting controls, you take a voice assistant for shopping and information and then integrate it with your smart home system. So now the Alexa voice service can control your lighting and learn a library of skills for other smart products, all at the speed of sound.


The Lutron Hub gives Lutron a way to speak the smart home language and connect seamlessly with Alexa and other smart products.


Lutron + Honeywell

Plays nicely with others

An Amazon Alexa-enabled device connected to the Lutron Hub means that you can build a library of skills to control a wide range of smart products - from lights to shades to thermostats – with just your voice.

Alexa + Pico


Lutron and Alexa controls together give your voice a power that you could only dream of as a child. With objects coming to life in response to your command, it feels like magic every day!

Amazon echo

Your voice carries

Amazon Alexa-enabled devices are engineered with far-field voice recognition, so your commands to “dim the lights” and activate your pre-programmed scenes are heard over the noise and from across the room.

amazon alexa

Just say the word

No need to get up to get the lights or play music – your smart home now responds to your voice, so turning off your lights or lowering the music at bedtime is as easy as saying “Alexa, please…”

    Works with Alexa

    The Alexa voice service can tell you the current weather forecast, the latest news, play music and empower you to control your connected home products - like Lutron dimmers, Lutron blinds and more – using just your voice. Plus Alexa gives you direct access to the Amazon shopping experience.

      Alexa + Hub

      Make your voice heard

      A hands-free Smart Home begins with an Amazon Alexa-enabled device connected to a Lutron Hub, turning your voice into a Smart Home command centre.  

      Existing Lutron user

      Set up your Amazon Echo and Alexa App. 

      Link your Lutron devices to your Amazon Echo using the Alexa App. 

      New to Lutron

      Plug in the Hub and connect it to the router.

      Download the Lutron App and follow the instructions.

      Set up your Amazon Echo and Alexa App.

      Link your Lutron devices to your Amazon Echo using the Alexa App. 

      Latest iPhone + Hub

      The magical home

      Never come home to a dark and quiet house again. And in case you’re running late, let geofencing turn lights and music off automatically when you leave. Or just say the word because Lutron integrates with The Google Assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa.